It has never be Easier To Own Land - and there has never been a better time! The smartest investors make the most money buying in down markets. That's where the greatest long term profits are earned. Economies have always moved in cycles. This downturn has been deep and hard on many people, but also offers some of the greatest investment opportunities in a generation. Take advantage of today's low prices - BEFORE they rise higher again.

Quality Land

Pyramid Lake Ranches Area (Currently Sold Out) Elko Area Montello/Elko Area California City Area Golden Sage Ranches Area Grand Canyon Estates Area Sanders Area Holbrook Area Concho Area Kaibab Knolls Estates Area Timberon Area Rio Rancho Area (Currently Sold Out) Estates of Colorado Area South Park Ranches Area Buffalo Area (Currently Sold Out)

We specialize in the Great Southwest. Land in our inventory has been carefully sought out over many years to include only those properties we feel offer the greatest potential for appreciation (increase in value over time). We continually comb counties throughout the Southwestern United States looking for the best values based on market trends, demographic and employment data, metro area populations and local land price sensitivity to economic cycles. Once we target a particular area, every available lot is individually inspected. We have NEVER purchased a property we have not seen, stood upon, and photographed from all sides. Other land sellers cannot make that claim. Only when we determine there is great long term investment potential do we buy. That way you can be sure you are getting the very best properties at the lowest possible prices.

Affordable Prices
We have been taking advantage of the recent economic downturn and finding fantastic deals. And we are happy to pass the savings along to you. We offer huge discounts for cash purchases, or you may take advantage of our EZ-Purchase program. These are the terms:

Good People CAN have Bad Credit - NO PROBLEM!

  • No Credit Checks
  • We understand; good people can have bad credit. An unexpected illness, a loss of a loved one, divorce.... Life Happens! And our credit scores can get hit hard along the way. That's why we are determined to help people get back on their feet, become land owners, and be free of hassle and worry. Plus, we keep the down payment and monthly payments small, making it as EZ as possible for you to own land now.

  • No Bank Qualifications
  • We don't ask you for bank statements, W2's, tax returns, rent verification, your current debt ratio.... Conventional lenders and brokers want it all, and seem to find every reason to say 'rejected,' especially in today's economy. We are not brokers and we do not use third party lenders. Our company owns all the land it sells free and clear. Therefore, we do not carry the same risks or costs as lenders and other property sellers. So you benefit by enjoying lower costs, and avoiding all the hassles. It's EZ!

  • No Hidden Fees
  • You pay the down payment as advertised in the property listing. That's it! There are no points, no closing charges, no document processing fees - no additional costs whatsoever. From there, you need only make your monthly payments. And, you may prepay a little extra some months, or all of it at any time - with no prepayment penalties. Every extra penny goes to the principal of your new investment property. Contact Us if you have any questions.

Man (and Best Friend) Picking Favorite Property

Great Land - Very Affordable!

Excited Couple Just Bought Their First Property, EZ!